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Asma + Me Affirmation Cards

Asma + Me Affirmation Cards

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A unique set of 35 God-centric affirmation cards as reflections on the beautiful names of Allah (SWT) that support children developmentally over the ages over 5 to encourage a positive belief system and mindset. Our unique cards are a tool for parents, carers and teachers which enables you to support your child to be their best self from all aspects, whilst also having fun and bonding with them. Teaching children that everything comes from Allah (SWT). 

Our cards are categorised into difficulty levels to support use with multiple children of different ages, encompass five different themes (mind, body, soul, relationships & environment) and also have been adapted to support those with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities.

Each cards includes:

  • An illustration/design which includes the affirmation and the names(s) of Allah in both English (phonetically to support correct pronunciation) and Arabic.
  • Introduction - written prose in simplified language to introduce the understanding of the name of Allah and the main teaching of the card.
  • Activity - to make the teaching interactive, a variety of activities are included across the card deck to ensure all learning styles are accommodated ranging from fun games, stories, and powerful Neuro-Linguistic Programming techniques such as deep breathing and visualisation.
  • Discussion – carefully designed questions to generate thoughts and expansion on the teaching, with prompts to help you along the way.
  • Take home message - summary of the card’s message in a punchy statement to support the child to take ownership of their learning.  
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